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The Spring Edit Is Here!

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We are excited to introduce the Spring Edit, the next iteration in our Seasonal Edit Subscription box. Each season we send you three specially chosen novels, recently published and not yet widely known! Read them before they hit the best seller list. Each title is wrapped in custom Juniper Books jackets that are exclusive to the subscription box! This season’s jackets were created in collaboration with Helen Dealtry, who you may recognize from her work with Anthropolgie! We decorated these jackets with an original watercolor by Helen.

Along with these titles, don’t miss out on the two gifts we include with the books! With these extras, the box makes for a perfect gift for any book lover–or for yourself. Give a box this season!

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The Sacrament by Olaf Olafsson

The Sacrament, by Olaf Olafsson is a complex and deeply engrossing novel told from the perspective of an elderly nun trying her best to live simply, tending to her roses and beloved dog. Her past comes back with a vengeance when she is called to return to Iceland to investigate events from her youth that have resurfaced but have never been forgotten. A thoughtful, atmospheric, and quietly intense novel about how choices have effects that shape the boundaries of our lives and how we grapple with them.

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

Such a Fun Age is an equally fun and riveting novel that expertly tackles current racial dynamics along with motherhood, class, and celebrity. This is a story to curl up with in one evening, as it’s impossible to put down once begun. Kiley Reid’s writing is exquisite and spot on, relishing in dialogue that is so incredibly real with characters that you’ll feel like you instantly know.  

Dear Edward : A Novel by Ann Napolitano

Dear Edward is a profoundly touching novel detailing a catastrophic event and a family’s recovery. A beautifully thoughtful work, the book centers on Edward, who is the sole survivor of a plane crash that kills 191 passengers. Told in alternating chapters, the reader will meet some of the characters who were on the flight, and delve into their backstories, including Edward’s family, a woman escaping a bad relationship, and an up and coming entrepreneur who realizes one of his idols is also on the flight. A powerful story of grief, love, and healing.

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Waxing Moon Botanical Tea from Moon Bath

Slip into relaxation with a rejuvenating bath thanks to this botanical bath tea from Moon Bath! With aromas like Cacao, Cardamom, Fennel, Chrysanthemum, Moon Bath says the Botanical Tea “nourishes the body and soul, encourages stability, and promotes strengthening and regeneration.”

The Rifle Paper Co. Notepad in Wild Rose

The second of our gifts is this beautiful notepad from Rifle Paper Co. Never forget a thought when you jot down notes surrounded by the elegant design.