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Styling Tips for Arranging Your Bookshelf

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This September, Juniper Books Founder Thatcher Wine released his first book, co-authored by Juniper Books curator and long-time friend, Elizabeth Lane!

For the Love of Books: Designing and Curating A Home Library gathers all of Thatcher’s philosophy about books, curation, and designing libraries into one volume.

This stunning coffee table book, published by our friends at Gibbs Smith, features photographs from our 18 year archive of library images, exquisite illustrations by Samantha Hahn, and insights and tips for displaying your love of books and telling your own story on your shelves from Thatcher and Elizabeth Lane.

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Illustration by Samantha Hahn

Here are a few of our favorite styling tips from the book!

By Size: You have a choice of how to place your books on each shelf. Play with arranging bigger books in the center and smaller books at the edges—or go from small to large across your shelves! On a bookcase, try alternating the way you style and organize books per shelf

By Color: When you place larger, darker volumes at the bottom of a shelf and smaller, lighter books on top, it creates a visual illusion that offers a way to ground shelves and draws your eye across the full height of the bookcase. 

Vertical vs. Horizontal: Most bookcases have rows of books lined straight up along the length of each shelf. If you’re looking to switch things up from the traditional look, try anchoring sets of vertical books with small horizontal stacks. This creates more visual interest!