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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we are determined to be prepared. Here at Juniper Books, we have assembled the best of our collections for the women who deserve the best. If your stuck on what to give, try a book set that she is sure to love and enjoy, almost as much as she loves you! Whether she likes to read novels or look at the pictures, there is something for every mother.

Women Changing the World | $225

Just as your mother has changed your world, these books showcase the inspirational women that have changed everyone’s. Show your mother how much she has done for you by putting her amongst these wonderful women. The three volumed set is full of the celebrations of women’s accomplishments and advice, all wrapped beautifully in jackets with original watercolors from artist Samantha Hahn.

Handpicked | $150

Whether your mother lives in a spacious home or a third floor walk up, this set is perfect. The art of indoor gardening can be pursued from anywhere and not as time consuming as that of outdoor gardening. These three books take you through the ins and outs of indoor gardening so you can be successful at keeping anything alive. Consider giving this set with a new plant to show her how much you love her and get her started.

Toni Morrison | $150

Toni Morrison was a spectacular and renowned author. Her novel, Beloved, is a heart wrenching tale of motherhood and slavery. Each novel captures attention with memorable and meaningful stories that are sure to leave any reader in a state of wanting more. With Toni Morrison, give the gift of sensational prose and vivid imagery.

Tacshen Spaces and Places | $275

This set from Tashen is a beautifully presented selection of architecture books. In their pages holds whimsical designs of cabins, treehouses, and rooftops spaces from around the world that offer an escape from the couch or inspiration to travel and find them. These books are perfect for the mothers out there that love unique designs and uncommon architecture.

Children’s Books | $80 and Up

Give a gift that reminds her why she is being celebrated with these children’s books that are perfect for bed time stories. Reading along with a child is a perfect way of spending time with them and connecting with the bond of mother and child. Choose from amongst our wild selection of children’s books, from Fables to Nancy Drew to Babylit, we have something for every family no matter what age.