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Get into History this President’s Day!

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Celebrate this President’s Day with a good read! At Juniper Books, we have a wide selection of American History for you to pick from, all set in our beautiful, custom jackets. Or sets include a selection of writings from and about the Presidents of America. And many others for more on the history of America.

Presidents History | $375

This eight volume set includes some of the most prominent presidents, from George Washington to Theodore Roosevelt. Look into how the Founding Fathers managed a new country in the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, Lincoln’s leadership during the Civil War, and Theodore Roosevelt’s dedication to bringing America into the 20th century. Our covers bring together an image of the White House– the place where all of the Presidents governed from, after Washington that is.    

If you want a set for a specific president, we have a wonderful set that is dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt | $150

Our set for President Roosevelt includes three books from Edmund Morris: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Rex, and Colonel Roosevelt. Morris’ work with The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt earned him Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. The covers offer a portrait of the iconic man that includes his signature. 

Among our history collection, we also have sets that come from great American authors that wrote during times of hardship and times of strength, as well as a set specifically for the Civil War.

American Flag Set | $375

This set includes works from great American authors including Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Willa Cather, Edith Warton, and Zora Neale Hurston. All these authors come from different backgrounds and time periods in American history. Look from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression, Antebellum South to Jim Crow South. Go through history from the lens of the authors who lived amongst it. 

American Civil War Set | $195

If you’re interested in the Civil War, we have a set just for that too! Our four-volume collection gives more than straight forward history, but the letters, diaries, memoirs, and so much more of the people impacted by the war. The design comes from an engraving from Winslow Homer titled “The War for the Union, A Bayonet Charge.”

Historical Documents Set | $375

This set includes eight volumes of the texts that brought about the American Revolution. Their importance is just as prominent today as it was when they were first written centuries ago. The design brings together the overlapping of the first American Colonial Flag and the signatures from the Declaration of Independence.